Virtual Personal Assistants (VPNs) are not new in the market. It has been widely used to search information, request direction, send messages, set alarms to an extend of chatting with VPNs for entertainment. All these actions can be done with simple verbal instructions through high accuracy of voice recognition. However, VPNs are no longer confined to just our smartphones. It has been introduced to smartwatches too.

The recent smartwatches can perform the same functions to make our lives easier. It also can be used independently to better meet people’s need in today’s age of technology. Made possible with 4G connectivity, smartwatches like HUAWEI WATCH 2 is constructed with hidden sim card lots, enabling users to stay connected with VPNs and mobile networks 24 hours. Finally, we can claim we will never miss a call!

Intoducing Huawei Watch 2 | Youtube : Huawei Mobile

Easier, Faster Mobile Payment Solutions

In addition to the smart solutions, smartwatches empower us to purchase stuff without having to take out our wallet or digging for a cash, coin or card. This is a new addition offered by Android Wear 2.0. We are also reckoning the payments with smartwatches are expecting to grow at an estimation of $100 billion by 2018, based on a survey by Juniper Research.

While consumers are spoilt for choices when it comes to selecting a smartwatch with payment solutions, there are not many options like HUAWEI WATCH 2 which also supports security insurance. It uses wearing detection technology to prevent unauthorised payments. It can recognise if the users are taking the smartwatch off in just two seconds, it will automatically turn off the payment function if it’s not the owner’s wrist. Compared with other products, HUAWEI WATCH 2 has both infrared and CAP sensors, helping ensure safe mobile payment for users.

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Independent Applications Make More Things Possible

You are probably wrong if you have a perception where smartwatches are only used for the functions above. The new Android Wear 2.0 also supports independent applications, bringing more functions to smartwatches. Users can download standalone applications from the various stores. Smartwatch brands like HUAWEI WATCH 2 offers users a wide array of applications, ranging from fitness, social chats, music, travel to game apps – which covers almost every aspect of one’s life.

HUAWEI WATCH 2 is one of the few inventions amongst other wearables that can avoid limitations of iOS and allow users to install third-party faces and applications who would like to experience their cutting-edge and stylist smartwatches.

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