Fibre It Up With Calpis Fibre!

Calpis, Japan’s first cultured milk drink continued to excite its fans and consumers. The brand pulled another unprecedented fun-filled campaign that aimed to advocate a healthier lifestyle through maintaining a good and healthy digestive system. For the first time ever, the campaign involved iconic Malaysian celebrities and Calpis ambassadors such as Harith Iskander (Laugh Factory Funniest Person in The World 2016), Zizan Razak (actor and comedian) and Siti Nordiana (singer) being lifted in mid-air with helium balloons at eCurve Mutiara Damansara, making it the first ever cultured milk brand to host such an extraordinary campaign. As part of the extraordinary feat and in an effort to spread more goodness to Malaysians, Calpis invited members of the public to be part of the uplifting experience via a social media contest. All Malaysians needed to do was to guess the number of helium balloons that it took to lift the ambassadors by watching the actual event via livestream on Facebook Live. A total of RM15,000 cash prizes were rewarded to 150 individuals by the end of the Facebook livestream! Many Malaysians tuned in to watch the actual lifting that showcased how ’light’ one feels upon consuming Calpis Fibre range a key point as Calpis Fibre promotes gut-health combined with a dose of deliciousness. ”I am thrilled to be part of this whole Calpis Fibre Campaign, It was my first time being lifted with helium balloons and it was such a cool experience! I think it was a brilliant idea to combine a fun element whilst educating Malaysians on the importance of a healthy digestive system and how light one can feel if they maintain a healthy gut”, said Harith iskander, Laugh Factory Funniest Person in The World 2016.

Zizan Razak, actor and comedian said, ”Being strapped to helium balloons and lifted up in mid-airis a first for me. it was such a fun and amazing experience to be a part of the ‘FibreUp Challenge’ and l am happy that i got to share it with my fans”. Siti Nordiana, singer also gushed about the experience and explained, ”As a singer who performs for fans, I must ensure to stay healthy and Calpis Fibre helps me do so by maintaining a healthy digestive system. As the common saying goes, you are what you eat and Calpis Fibre helps me make the most of my meals. This is because it provides me with dietary fibre that aids in digestion, making me feel less bloated and lighter.” Furthermore, the brand recently launched an additional one-month social media contest. Dubbed the Calpis Fibre-up Challenge, the contest spanned across both Calpis Facebook and lnstagram platforms. Fans were challenged to share the goodness of Calpis Fibre with less sugar and show how ’light’ they feel when they consume Calpis Fibre through stimulating or creative physical stunts captured in a photo. Not only did it present them with the chance to express their creativity, but they also multiplied ’the goodness within’ Calpis by sharing the joy with their peers. The contest received a tremendous amount of creative and imaginative entries on both social media platforms. All-in-all 20 winners were selected as they presented the most fantastic gravity-defying imagery that best represented the Calpis Fibre key attributes. ”We are all about promoting a larger social good and helping people understand the importance of ’multiplying the goodness within’ your internal digestive tract and leading healthier lives. Thus, the Calpis Fibre range and our campaign fits in seamlessly with our brand values” said Santharuban T. Sundaram, Vice President of Marketing at Etika Sdn Bhd. Santharuban added, ”More importantly, we understand that fans like to be engaged in fun and exciting ways in order to make a greater long-lasting impact. Hence, we decided to include our very own ambassadors to implement the fun element and to educate Malaysians about the importance of gut health”. Cultured milk drink is made from milk fermented with Iactobacilli and are generally bifidogenic. It is high in nutrients and probiotics (live bacteria and yeasts) that can help to restore the balance of good and friendly bacteria in the gut -which is incredibly beneficial for digestion and gut health. Essentially, it improves pH level within the intestinal area and helps grow good bacteria which then aids you in the digestion of food and assimilation of nutrients. Furthermore, Calpis Fibre contains polydextrose, which is a form of dietary fibre that helps increase intestinal bifidobacteria and helps maintain a good intestinal microflora. Polydextrose is well tolerated amongst patients with irritable bowel syndrome (”IBS") too, and has been known to alleviate I85 and constipation symptoms as well. Now we know the one way to manage our intestinal and digestive health that’s actually simple to do! |MYBUZZ!

About CALPIS CaIpis is a refreshing, tasty cultured milk drink that has its roots in Japan since 1919. Calpis contains no preservatives and is fat free. It is currently available in original, mango, grape, strawberry and fibre with less sugar range which comes in original and orange variants. Calpis cultured milk drinks are sold in 350ml and IL bottle sizes. It is distributed in Malaysia by Etika Sdn Bhd. About eTika One (1) of Malaysia's leading drink distributors, Etika Sdn Bhd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi Group Holdings Ltd., Japan and the official bottler for PepsiCo in Malaysia. Etika Sdn Bhd markets and distributes some of PepsiCo's global brands such as Pepsi, Sting, Evervess, Revive Isotonic, 7UP, Tropicana, Mirinda, Lipton ice Tea, Mountain Dew, Gatorade and MUG, as well as its own range of products which include Chill, Kickapoo, Wonda Coffee, Goodday Milk, Calpis, Dairy Champ and Bleu.

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