HUAWEI nova 2i Brings More Sensational Features Through Latest Upgrade

HUAWEI nova 2i introduced two exclusively tailor-made software upgrades to consumers. HUAWEI designed these two new software experiences to bring more features, functionality and fun into the new year. Introducing “Face unlock” and a fun “AR lens” that will be made available for all existing HUAWEI nova 2i users by 30 January 2018. The HUAWEI nova 2i officially hit the market in October 2017. With its beautiful HUAWEI FullView display and remarkable four cameras, more than 3 million units have already been sold worldwide. The HUAWEI nova 2i brings to life a fast, safe and accurate face unlock experience to Android users globally. With this new Face Unlock feature, the HUAWEI nova 2i is expected to excite customers with the attractive price point. Customers can set-up the experience in settings, have their face detected by the front camera and the smartphone will be unlocked through using advanced facial recognition software. It can quickly and completely recognize customer’s face features and unlock the screen within milliseconds. This feature certainly gives customers a brand new lifestyle perspective, and comes in handy, especially when their hands are wet. The HUAWEI nova 2i is user-friendly by offering two options: 1) Direct unlock or 2) Slide to unlock. If customers choose the slide to unlock setting, they can also take advantage of our intelligent notification display--smart lock screen notifications. If the HUAWEI nova 2i recognises that the smartphone user does not have the face ID registered, it will automatically hide the content from any notifications, such as; SMS, WeChat, Whatsapp, Line, QQ etc. This way, customer’s privacy is protected. With security of facial recognition experiences being a very important topic, how do we ensure customers can enjoy a safe experience? The HUAWEI nova 2i face ID recognition has a three-dimensional approach to protection: 1) The storage security –customers’ face information are stored in the Kirin chipset’s CPU TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) area, which achieves chip-level security; 2) The algorithm security – the algorithm collects more than 1,000 points of face information that enables the phone to only recognize customer’s face. 3) It prevents customer’s smartphone from being unlocked when their eyes are closed, providing customers with a safe and secure experience.

Furthermore, the upgraded version integrates a fun AR lens selfie feature. The HUAWEI nova 2i is equipped with four cameras, two of which are front-facing cameras. This camera design helps the consumers to capture beautiful color and breathtaking ‘bokeh’ effect photographs. This means customers can easily enjoy a more amazing selfie experience. Now, with AR lens, customers can be more creative than ever with the front-facing camera. Firstly, customers can choose various innovative augmented reality, self-creative backgrounds when using the AR lens feature. Using this incredibly creative Augmented Reality experience, customers can super-impose themselves into photos with their idols or, take a picture standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, London’s Big Ben or even the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The HUAWEI nova 2i is perfect for those who want to enjoy the next innovation in advanced facial recognition software. This experience brings customers a new level of fun with their photographs. How to upgrade: Step1: Settings-System update

Step 2: Click upper right corner button with three points - Download latest full package

The HUAWEI nova 2i is available in Graphite Black, Prestige Gold and Limited Edition Aurora Blue. Retailing at the attractive price of RM 1,299, it can be purchased at the HUAWEI Experience Stores, Display Zones, major telco partners and distributors. For more information, please visit or HUAWEI’s official Facebook page |MYBUZZ!