Commemorative menu items feature locally sourced ingredients fresh from the farms Tony Roma's is 12 this year! In conjunction with its anniversary, Tony Roma's is cooking up fresh new menu items, featuring ingredients and produce specially sourced directly from local farmers, in support and promotion of the local agricultural industry.

Besides supporting local agriculture and farmers, this unique new initiative is also aimed at infusing an authentically Malaysian flavour by incorporating locally sourced ingredients into Tony Roma's menu to present a truly local take on some of Tony Roma's offerings.

The launch of Tony Roma's 12th Anniversary Specials was officiated by Dato' Nazipah Jamaludin, Deputy Director General of Operations, Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA).

“We hope Malaysians will take to this new menu which features local ingredients, thereby creating a uniquely Malaysian taste that we have come to love. At the same time this new initiative also raises the possibility of introducing these uniquely Malaysian flavours to Tony Roma's international menu as well, thereby promoting local flavours, in addition to supporting local farmers and agriculture," said Salleharon Ahmad, Senior Marketing Manager of Tony Roma's Malaysia.

This limited time dining experience awaits visitors at all Tony Roma's outlets in Malaysia from 1st October to 30 November 2018.

The new menu additions include three main entrees, one of which is the Ribeye with Green Chili Sauce (RM85.90*)➜ . Headlining this mouthwatering number is a tender 10-ounce Ribeye steak, delightfully flavoured with a specially concocted mild green chilli sauce, made wholly from fresh green chillies from the hilltops of Cameron Highlands.

Lamb lovers or those who prefer a slightly exoticly tangy twist to their meal may opt for the Grilled Lamb Shoulder with Pineapple Sauce & Salsa (RM89.90*) ⬇ . This dish which is bursting with flavor features four juicy pieces of tender lamb chops perfectly infused with a savoury marinade and served with a duet of fresh pineapple salsa over a sweet pineapple sauce, made with fresh pineapples grown in Ayer Hitam, Johor.

Hot and aromatic on the outside, yet tender and juicy on the inside, the Half BBQ Chicken with Aromatic Ginger Sauce (RM39.90*) ⬇ lends an Asian twist to this traditionally western favourite. only at Tony Roma's in Malaysia, this new item uses fresh ginger grown in the quaint outskirt of Bentong to bring that unmistakable and authentic ginger flavour and aroma.

Each of these new main entrees come with two sides, which guests can choose from a possible three side choices, specially created for the festivities. The mouth-watering choices include Green Chili Potatoes (RM6.00*), featuring specially cooked potatoes, flavoured with a mouth-watering coating made primarily with green chilies from Cameron Highlands. The Deep Fried Okra (RM5.00*), on the other hand, features fresh okra, perfectly fried till golden brown, while maintaining its leafy freshness to eventually produce tantalizing veggie nuggets that are as crunchy as they are addictive.