JOOX’s new Quick Sing feature brings the karaoke craze to the next level, highlighting music lovers’ sing-and-dance talents; K-Pop boy bands ONF, Nu’est and popular Mandopop singers Jam Hsiao and JJ Lin debut their moves with Quick Sing

  • JOOX K users’ increase by 30% across all Asia markets from February to July this year

  • Weekly Quick Sing Battles await JOOX users, with attractive prizes for the winner

  • Aspiring pop stars can find themselves under the spotlight with a RM10,000 cash prize plus a song release on JOOX through “Be The Star 2020” campaign

Karaoke singing has always been one of the world’s most entertaining pastimes, combining people’s love for music and social activities as friends and families flocked together to sing their favorite hits and share fun moments. JOOX, Asia’s most dedicated platform, has made it much more accessible and convenient for everyone during these times, thanks to its unique karaoke function including the new Quick Sing feature, enabling music fans to sing and dance to the chorus of their go-to Karaoke songs anytime, anywhere!

Proving karaoke’s unwavering popularity, JOOX observed a 30% increase in karaoke users across Malaysia, Hong Kong and Macau, Indonesia, Myanmar and Thailand in February to July this year. Overall, JOOX is also growing exponentially since its launch in 2015 with a recorded increase of 533% in 2019 in terms of the number of users across Asia Pacific.

Along with the increase in its usage, JOOX has offered unique features such as beauty filters and stickers, voice tuning and karaoke competitions to turn up the K function’s entertainment level. Hyping things up even more is the new Quick Sing feature, which is a fun way to sing, dance and show the JOOX users’ musical talents to the world. Instead of singing full songs, this new feature has pre-selected each song’s chorus parts, letting users focus on the songs’ most exciting sections in their videos and allowing them to showcase their creative dance moves along with their favorite tunes.

Dreaming about singing, dancing and sharing the stage with your beloved local and international music idols? Through JOOX’s new Quick Sing feature, you can now take one step closer to making your dreams come true! Check out the Quick Sing Battle, with at least two battles with different themes each week, and the more you submit your Quick Sing karaoke, the higher the chance you can grab the prize. For example, in our latest Quick Sing Battle named “Sing & Win iPhone 11”, JOOX users can get a chance to win an iPhone 11 by showing their beautiful voices1. There will be more exciting Quick Sing Battles in the future, stay tuned!

If you consider singing as something more than a hobby and want to become a recognized singer in the real world, here is your chance to shine! In September, JOOX users can join “Be The Star 2020” campaign, a talent search competition all over Malaysia, by submitting their Quick Sing K works. The winner can not only receive a RM10,000 cash prize, but also a song release opportunity on JOOX! The song would be produced by a professional production team under a record label. Are you ready for your big break? Stay tuned for more details from JOOX!

Wanna join them and try it out? Stay tuned for more Quick Sing challenges hosted by JOOX, such as the #ToBeYoungChallenge and the #DanceMonkeyChallenge, to get your groove on with lots of fun and exciting prizes!

“Quick Sing” is as simple as it is:

Angie Tan, Head of JOOX Malaysia said, “With JOOX, karaoke is now an all-round entertainment and interactive experience that goes beyond just singing. JOOX has always strived to fulfill the emerging demand for karaoke with the introduction of the new Quick Sing feature, offering users more opportunities to interact with family and friends. This is made even more special today when most music fans, especially the younger ones, yearn for more entertainment activities while staying at home amid the pandemic, which include creating short videos to showcase their dancing and music talents. With various Quick Sing campaigns such as the upcoming ‘Be The Star 2020,’ we further present karaoke as an interactive form of entertainment, and one that can help the fans discover and recognize musically talented users.””

Join music stars in the Quick Sing videos now!

Start creating a fun and fulfilling musical path of your own through JOOX’s new Quick Sing feature, and join music stars in singing and dancing your hearts out. With more than 30 million songs in its music library from all over the world, JOOX connects you to your favorite artists, songs, albums and personalized playlists. Enjoy your choice of music anytime, anywhere by downloading JOOX mobile or desktop app on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or access the JOOX website. MYBUZZ!

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