Personalised video content by over 50 local and Singaporean STARS at pocket-friendly prices

Regional event planning platform Effro launches GUESTSTAR – a new service arm which allows one to commission a star to produce unique video content for personal use. From birthday messages to wedding proposals, jokes to pep talk, consumers are able to engage their favorite local STARS in Malaysia and Singapore to produce a personalised video content at pocket –friendly prices for any occasion.

“Gueststar is a unique platform that aims to bring your favorite stars closer to you. Through digital means, time and space are no longer deterrents in creating a beautiful experience for your loved ones. With Gueststar, the distance between you and your favorite stars is brought closer. Today’s stars are no longer just one-dimensional television personalities, they are also content creators. Gueststar provides an alternative platform for them to engage with their fans through personalised content,” commented Adam Tan, founder of Gueststar.

A New Way of Personalised Content

Gueststar provides a seamless experience for consumers to engage a star to produce personalised content. Through the platform, consumers can submit a request to the star of their choice and include pointers for the video’s content. Within 7 days of a submitted request (subject to approval), a video ranging from 20 seconds to 2 minutes will be produced and delivered.

Over 50 well-loved STARS are available for hire on Gueststar.

Singapore: Allan Wu, Andie Chen Gurmit Singh, Jason Godfrey, Jasper Lai, Patricia Mok and many more

Malaysia: Adeline Tsen, Aishah, Atilia Haron, Dina Nadz