• With people having spent more time at home, JOOX users in Malaysia’s total streaming time is equivalent to watching all entries in a superhero film series 1.2 million times.

Over 880,000 karaoke songs have been uploaded to JOOX over the past year, with the launch of the Quick Sing function.

Gifts worth more than 8.8 million JOOX coins were delivered by JOOX users through the K-function and livestreaming shows as part of the interactive functions in JOOX.

2020 must be an unprecedented year for everyone – with a ton of changes in our daily life including our music consumption pattern. Fortunately, no matter how our lives change, music will always stay. As 2020 comes to an end, JOOX unveils its 2020 music annual review in Malaysia, sharing big data about Malaysians’ music streaming, karaoke singing, live watching, as well as their music tastes under the new normal. During the year when everyone has to put their masks on, which singer or song have managed to successfully resonate with the public? With most physical concerts going online to follow social distancing measures, has everyone adapted to it? Let’s check it out!

Life may change, but music will always be a part of it

Malaysians’ life has now completely transformed, as people spend more time staying at home with reduced social activities. Despite this, we observed that 5pm daily is still the peak hour for people to listen to music which is likely due to people needing a leisure hour after a day of studying or hard work. Other interesting music habits include:

JOOX users in Malaysia listened to around 20 songs a day on average

The most streaming times are on Friday and Saturday, with Malaysians being accompanied by JOOX’s music and entertainment featured during the ‘stay at home’ period

• What better way to enjoy some “me time” at home than watching movies? The total streaming time by JOOX users in Malaysia is equivalent to watching all entries in a superhero film series 1.2 million times

Let’s take a look at the “2020 top music hits, to see the best played songs that accompanied Malaysians throughout the year!

Top 10 Most Streamed Songs (in no particular order):

• Sakit – Zynakal

• Sakit – ACHEY

• Dance Monkey – Tones and I

• Memories – Maroon 5

• Sumpah – Naim Daniel

• Peluang Kedua – Nabila Razali

• Hutang – Floor 88

• Sumpah – Aina Abdul

• Stuck with U – Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber

• How You Like That – BLACKPINK

Apart from the top streamed songs, here is the list of the ‘Most Streamed International Artists’, ‘Most Streamed Local Artists’ and ‘Most Streamed K-Pop Artists’ this year!

Top International Artists:

• Top 1: Alan Walker

• Top 2: Andmesh Kamaleng

• Top 3: Ali Gatie

Top Local Artists:

• Top 1: Dato' Sri Siti Nurhaliza

• Top 2: Naim Daniel

• Top 3: Ukays

Top K-Pop Artists:

• Top 1: BTS


• Top 3: TWICE