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Malaysia GPM Sustainability Award 2023 Ceremony Celebrates It's Graduates Of Think Plus Academy

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

It was an awakening, moment of truth, the mission of guiding and educating local Micro Entrepreneurs, the awareness of SDG (Sustainable Development Goals ) fulfilling the SDG missions, for their business and lifestyle activities, was achieved brilliantly with testimonials of improvements, changed ways and thinking, endorsed by the participants, thankful and honored to be with the Business Sustainability Training & Coaching Program empowered by NCER.

Think Plus Academy  Team

These impressive graduates were the main stars of # SDG achieved, witnessed by many, at the Malaysia Sustainable Development Goals ( SDG ) Summit 2023, Northern region, held at University Technology Petronas, Perak DRW , November 23.

Head Coach  Think Plus Academy, TS Dr. Norsaidatul Akmar 

This program of educating and coaching the students to apply the methods and knowledge of sustainability from the intellect team of Think Plus Academy Coachs, was made possible with the support of DDEC (Malaysia Design Development Center) and NCER northern region. Young entrepreneurs of various business background, from FMCG to steel works, lifestyle, content creator, automotive and services, graduated and soared high, reborn and revived awake and inspired with the Coaches and Mentoring of ThinkPlus Academy SUSTCoach Program knowledge, coached diligently and with passion from SUSTAAC Coaches , in making sure no participants , will be left behind with the trending Global information of the Blue Ocean Industry, nor continue a life of ignorance in matters of Sustainability Development, 100 days of practical and theory, visitation and on line.

Participants at present are ready, confident and full of passion, to continue their journey as Micro Entrepreneurs , equipped with human value and depth, preparing for expansion and growth in their industries. This proof of concept was evident . By having the credible and intellect of Coaches from Think Plus Academy and SUSTAAC , as pristine passionate sustainable advocates , patient and committed to the success of participants in achieving the assessment and deliverance of the courses , taught and lead by 7 coaches from various backgrounds of high Scholars and professional community. All is made possible with visionary and inspiring Head of Coach Ts. Dr.Norsaidatul Akmar (Certified Green Project Manager(GPM) ,registered Consultant and Assessor and GPM Global Ambassador.

Malaysian GPM AWARDS 23  graduates , ThinkPlus Academy coaches, DDEC and NCER

as hosts at this joyous occasion

Dr. Norsaidatul is known globally as SDG Brand master , inspiring many to become Coaches, mentoring them in need of SDG guidance, playing an important Chieftain role in assessing and the architecture of Sustainable Development Goals for the betterment of Rakyat, servicing the Government and agency’s, needs of this subject.

Dr. Norsaidatul reaches out to the Rakyat and community as the (Secretary General for SUSTNET Association ) and leading the Coaches and students, to the glory of Sustainable Goals achieved via the training and guidance program curated by the ThinkPlus Academy and the SUSTAAC division (training, assessment and analysis center) as Coaches and Facilitators team , supported by smart partners of DDEC (Malaysia Design Development Centre) and NCER making this credible journey possible for the Northern participants in Malaysia to be like agreed in unison by the 20 students graduated, a better, more aware and confident person ,today. It takes the whole village and soon the whole planet, to achieve the coveted SDG free from carbon emissions, safety on food supplies, environment protected , peace and shared prosperity for all.

Sustnet Association MY, ThinkPlus Academy and SUSTAAC is the success hub guaranteed , pinned location for SDG awareness, taking the necessary steps for the people to live in a better world. Applause to all GPM awards receivers , coaches and Dr. Nor, for this effort of Sustainable Development Goals achieved. May we see more students in the near future, for the SDG awareness activities made viral on many. Well done Students and Coaches of Think Plus Academy.

Article written by Sue Rahman #srccpublicity for, Official media for Sustnet Association MY and ThinkPlus Academy.


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